What Makes a High-Quality Picture?

The question that most people who are just starting on photography have in their mind is, “what makes a high-quality picture?” If you are an aspiring professional photographer, then you have to know the essential characteristics that a photograph must have in order to be considered a high-quality image. In this way, you have a goal or a target that you can aim at. You can continuously improve your work until you reach the standard. Once you reach it, you can set the bar higher through more practice and training.


Sharp focus

Have you ever looked at a photo and wished that a certain part is not blurry? This is often the fault of a novice photographer who have only a little idea on what focus means. Focus means adjusting your camera based on what you want to show on the photo. If you want the foreground to be the main focus, then you will make sharp pictures of the foreground and reduce the attention on the background. This can also go the other way. You can put your camera’s focus on the background and make the foreground blurry on purpose.

Lines for the eye

printsA good picture will always lead the eye of the viewer to where it want the eyes to go. You have to consider these lines in order for your photo to influence the one who is taking a look at the photo. Professional photographers will usually maximize straight and crooked lines so that these lines will make the eyes of the view travel to where they should go.

Allow movement

This is particularly true for sports shots and other features where people are seen moving. Even a simple boy running along the beach can be a nice snapshot if you know where to look. To do this, you have to put space in the area where the subject is moving toward. This is to suggest the eyes of the viewer to look at the space in front of them.
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3 thoughts on “What Makes a High-Quality Picture?

  1. When you are taking a picture, you have to identify the focal point of the photo. What do you want to achieve on the image? Are you shooting a portrait shot? Or do you want to capture the beauty of the whole landscape? Determine your focal point so that you will know what to do on the actual photo shoot.

  2. If you are just a beginner in photography, I would really suggest that you attend classes conducted by professionals who have the experience and the training to teach you what you need to know. It is best to learn from the greatest in order to reach your maximum potential as a photographer.

  3. Framing your photograph is a basic yet essential way to know if you have captured the subject correctly or not. You may have heard about the rule of thirds wherein you put the subject on either side of the one-third. You can put the foreground at the lower part of the photo or you can put the model on one side if you are taking a portrait shot.

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